Keeping you Connected

Repair is what we do best

Whether you are in the Collingwood area or looking to mail in your device, we can fix your phone, tablet, or laptop.

Types of repair:

Broken Screen Repairs

Samsung, iPhone, LG, and even the random phone you bought online, I can fix it!

Samsung Screen Repairs

We have all the right tools to fix your broken Samsung and get you running fast!

Laptop Screen Repair

Don’t fret if you smashed your laptop screen, we can have you fixed up in no time!

Circuit Board Repair

We specialize in Microsoldering so we fix just about any circuit board you have!

Charging Problems Fixed

If you cannot charge your phone, don’t worry we can fix it!

Battery Replacement

If your battery is old and worn out, we can install a new one for you!

iPhone Data Recovery

Data Recovery Services

We have clients send in their phones from all over because of our high success rate!

iPad Repair

If your iPad is broken, pop in for fast turnaround!