Face ID and Liquid

I have seen quite a few iPhones with the newish facial recognition feature that Apple is calling Face ID have issues where the phone will constantly prompt you to move it higher or lower or move closer or further. This is usually due to an incident with liquid and since Covid-19 I have seen an increase in this liquid being hand sanitizer. This gets into the phone through the earpiece. I know, the phone is supposed to be liquid resistant. This actually degrades over time actually,because, it is only thin double sided tape around the border of the screen, and a breathable membrane over the ear speaker, loud speaker, and microphones. The sim tray implements a rubber gasket, which can get lost or twisted if you tend to take your sim card out often.

So what do you do?

We suggest to clean your phone with isopropyl alcohol and a clean microfiber cloth if your looking to disinfect the device, and windex if your looking to shine that bad boy up again. To do this start by spraying or applying a bit of the cleaning agent to your clean microfiber and then clean your device with the damp part of your microfiber and then buffing out with the clean dry part of your microfiber. Do not apply so much that it is dripping! It is like cooking you can always add more but you can never take away, Not to mention your smartphone is actually bigger in your mind than irl so take it ease! and happy cleaning.

What do you do if your phone has Face ID problems? Why send us a message of course! We have fixed lots of Face ID for our wholesale customers already and are happy to help you with yours.